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Baseball BC and the Ministry of Education are pleased to offer the following External Credentials for High Performance Athletes, Officials (Umpires) and Coaches. These “External Course Credits” are applicable to graduation requirements in the Province of British Columbia and will allow athletes, umpires and coaches to earn graduation credits away from the traditional classroom setting.

The following information has been reprinted with permission of the Ministry of Education.

External Sport Courses Information

Students can obtain External Course credit for Sports in the following categories:

  1. Athlete 10 - apply
  2. Athlete 11 - apply
  3. Athlete 12 - apply
  4. Official 10 - apply
  5. Official 11 - apply
  6. Official 12 - apply
  7. Coach 11 - apply
  8. Coach 12 - apply

Details and Documentation

Students seeking credits for a sport course or program are required to present specific documentation as proof of participation or completion. The required documentation from the provincial sport organization, Team BC program and/or national sport federation includes official certificates and verification or congratulations letters.

External sport programs are administered and monitored by the Ministry of Small Business and Economic Development, Sport Secretariat. The provincial sport organizations, the Team BC Program, SportMedBC, Coaches Association of BC, Coaches Association of Canada and national sport organizations issue letters or certificates. All letters and certificates will include the student’s name and sport program.

Students who have reached high levels of performance in a particular sport not listed should encourage their provincial sport organization to contact the Sport Secretariat to gain information on how to apply for program inclusion in the upcoming year. The responsibility to meet qualification criteria rests with the provincial sport organizations.

Once a student has received credit for Athlete and Official 10, 11 or 12 or Coach 11 or 12 they cannot receive additional credits for duplicate participation. For example, an athlete who has earned credits for Athlete 12 by being selected and competing on a provincial team cannot receive another 4 credits for Athlete 12 if they have progressed and been selected and competed on a national team. A student can only receive credit for Athlete 12 once.

Please Note
The standards for Athlete 11/12 have been adjusted. Some current Grade 11 and 12 students may want to request their school records be corrected.

External Athlete Course Information

Athlete – Course Code: UXSA 10 or UXSA 11 or UXSA 12 Program eligibilty is based on meeting specific criteria and standards:

    • Program/Team requirements
    • Competition levels
    • Minimum Training Hours
    • Supporting documentation – training diary, yearly/seasonal training plan

Athletes must have participated in an organized regional or provincial selection process and be selected as an individual or team member to represent a region/zone or provincial team that will compete at a provincial, inter provincial regional, national or international level competition or be a recipient of the BC or Sport Canada Athlete Assistance Program.

Summary of Eligibility Standards and Program/Category Definitions

Athlete 10 - 4 credits
An athlete must have been selected to a regional/zone select team that competes at a provincial championship.

Athlete 11 - 4 credits
An athlete must have been selected to a provincial regional team competing at an inter-provincial regional championship or have been a member of Team BC having competed at the North American Indigenous Games. In addition, student athletes who receive funding through the BC Athlete Assistance Program are eligible for Athlete 11 credits.

Athlete 12 - 4 credits
An athlete must have been selected to a provincial team competing at a national championship or have been a member of Team BC competing at the Canada Summer or Winter Games. In addition, student athletes that are members of a junior or senior national team program that compete at international events or receive funding through Sport Canada’s Athlete Assistance Program are eligible for Athlete 12 credits.programs and coaching standards for inclusion as an “External Credentials – Sport Credit”.

For more Government information on Program approval and such please click here... and then click on the Course Information.pdf & go to "External Sport Course Information" (Pg 103)


The following programs have been pre-approved for credit in the sport of Baseball…

Athlete 10:

    • BC Summer Games (Regional Zone Team)
    • Junior Premier Baseball League Program

Athlete 11:

    • Provincial Camp Program (Male / Female)

Athlete 12:

    • Sr. Premier Baseball League Program
    • National Teams (Male / Female)
    • Canada Games (Team BC)

External Official Course Information

Official - Course Code - UXSO 10 or UXSO 11 or UXSO 12 The Sport Secretariat has evaluated each provinicial sport organization’s official’s program submissions for inclusion as a Ministry-approved “External Credentials - Sport” credit.

Official’s programs are monitored on an annual basis.

To qualify, a student must have completed a theory component, passed required exams and completed practical experiences with an evaluation signed by a provincial sport organization’s designated official’s educator or evaluator.

Official 10 - 2 credits
A student official must complete a theory course, examination, evaluation and 25 hours of practical officiating.

Official 11- 4 credits
A student official must complete a theory course, examination, evaluation and 75 hours of practical officiating.

Official 12 - 4 credits
A student official must complete a theory course, examination, evaluation and 125 hours of practical officiating.

For the practical officiating experience, a student official must complete the minimum number of officiating hours as indicated. Officiating hours between each level (Official, 10, 11 and 12) are cumulative and can be acquired in more than one sport. For students who accumulate officiating hours in more than one sport, it is mandatory they complete the theory, examination and evaluation/assessment component independently for each sport if they wish to earn credit for the particular sport officials program. The student official must have a record (booklet, passport, etc.) that is signed by a provincial sport organization official to confirm the completion of the components and indicating the number of hours spent on the practical component.

The following programs have been pre-approved for credit in the sport of Baseball…

Official 10

    • Level One Certification

Official 11

    • Level Two Certification

Official 12

    • Level Three Certification

External Coach Course Information

Coach - Course Code UXSC 11 or UXSC 12 The Sport Secretariat, in partnership with the Coaches Association of BC (CABC) and provincial sport organizations, offers the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) on a province-wide basis. This is a national program for coach education. Certificates indicating “trained” or “certified” status are provided upon successful completion of multi-sport generic or sport specific modules, or when requirements of “certification” have been met.

Coach 11 - 4 credits
Student athletes must complete the NCCP Introduction to Competition - Part A modules, CPR “C”, SportMedBC SportsAid, plus 70 hours of coaching experience.

Coach 12 - 4 credits
Student athletes must complete the NCCP Community Sport, NCCP Introduction to Competition - Part A modules, evaluated in NCCP multi-sport modules, CPR “C”, SportMedBC SportsAid and Athletic Taping, plus 80 hours of coaching experience.

National Coaching Certification Program
For more information on the National Coaching Certification Program and specific certification requirements, please visit the Coaches Association of Canada website at www.coach.ca or the Coaching Association of British Columbia’s website at www.coaches.bc.ca.

SportMedBC SportsAid and Athletic Taping
SportMedBC (SMBC) offers SportsAid, a sport injury prevention and first aid program. This program is designed to provide students involved with sport teams the knowledge of the principles of prevention and management of sport injuries. SportMedBC will issue the student SportsAid “letters or certificates of completion” upon successful completion of SportsAid and Athletic Taping. This letter, which is recognized both provincially and nationally, will include SMBC logo, the student’s name and date of completion. The SportAid program is available on-line at www.sportmedbc.com . If the SportMedBC Athletic Taping program is not available in the community then please contact SportMedBC to arrange programming alternatives.

Practical Experience
Practical coaching experience verification requires sign-off by a NCCP certified coach, a provincial sport organization designate, or coach evaluator. The verification letter must include: name of the student, number of practical coaching hours, team or athletes coached, level of participation, name of authorizing coaching including NCCP CC number (if applicable), and date of completion. The practical coaching experience must be in the same sport as the trained or certified accreditation.

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Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD)

What is LTAD?

Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) is a systemic approach being developed and adopted by Baseball Canada to maximize a participant's potential and involvement in our sport. The LTAD framework aims to define optimal training, competition and recovery throughout an athlete's career to enable him / her to reach his / her full potential in baseball and as an athlete. 


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