Hastings Little League Prepares for 2016

December 29, 2012

Hastings Community Little League (HCLL) is pleased to announce that it will host the 2016 Canadian Little League Championship tournament at Hastings Park in Vancouver, BC.

The tournament will be played in August 2016 and include teams representing regions across Canada and the host team from HCLL. The current regions represented are BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec, and Atlantic Canada. The teams will compete for the right to represent Canada at the annual Little League World Series played in Williamsport Pennsylvania.

Ryan Watters talks with Hastings Little League President Dave Jenkins about the announcement.


The ten day tournament will be played at the Hastings Park Field located directly across from the PNE, and is expected to attract thousands of spectators from across the lower mainland and Canada. Preparations are already underway to proceed with the renovation and upgrade of Hastings Field in order to meet the field requirements of Little League Canada in hosting this national tournament. These renovations will also allow for much-needed improvements to the baseball diamonds for over 400 children who play Little League baseball at HCLL each year.

HCLL will continue to work closely with the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation and community partners such as the Hastings Community Association and PNE as we move towards finalizing our plans to host this tournament. We will also be inviting support from the business community and potential media partners through sponsorship opportunities.

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