Prospects Camp Invites - Grades 8-10

June 23, 2017

Congratulations to the grade 8, 9 & 10's invited to the 2017 Prospects Camp scheduled July 11-13 in Whalley.  Players chosen from this camp will represent Team BC at the PNC Event & Tournament in Washington August 10-13...  Personal invites, including registration info, will be emailed to players before June 30.

To view invites CLICK HERE

If you are on the list but have not received the email for whatever reason, you can register here

The schedule for the Prospects Camp will be the following:

July 11: 11:00AM - 4:00PM

July 12: 9:00AM - 4:00PM

July 13: 9:00AM - 2:00PM 


1Austin, NolanKamloops
2Barba, NicolaBurnaby
3Bates, Liam New Westminster
4Beitel, RyanCloverdale
6Bligh, BenNanaimo
7Blight, RYANLangley
8Brock, DylanNanaimo
9Burton, TylerVictoria
10Calibaba, Jordan Kamloops-
11Camacho soto, WilliamsBurnaby-
12Caskenette, ConnorDuncan
13Chorpita, CarsonSurrey
14Clague, TaineVictoria
16Cull, JulianVictoria
17Cumiskey, KaiSurrey
18Dai, Alancoquitlam-
19Dalla-Zanna, BlakeBurnaby
20Dauphinee, Ryan Surrey
21Dawson, ReidRichmond
22DeCooman, JedNorth Vancouver
23Dick, CarlinAbbotsford
24Doerksen, Willtba-
25Domanski, LoganSurrey-
26Domingo, VicarteVancouver
27Draayers, DavidAbbotsford-
28Dubé, Braycen Cranbrook
29Dykstra, ConnorChilliwack-
30Euerby, BraedyDelta-
31Fehlauer, BradyAbbotsford
32Flemons, Jacksonvancouver
33Fluet, JoshSurrey-
34Folick, Rhyssurrey -
35Frers, LukasSurrey
36Fujie, YosukeMission
37Hall, ConnorCampbell River
38Hall, JudeChilliwack
39Hall , Ty Chilliwack
40Hambley, DominicVictoria
41Hayes-Vugteveen , Ellis Errington -
42Head, DawsonKelowna
43Hendriks, CodyCoquitlam-
44Hoegler, EvanNorth Vancouver
45Homeniuk, MackinnonNanaimo-
46Illing, AndrewVancouver
47Jansch, LeoVictoria-
48Joyce, jamesLadysmith-
49Kaufmann, CalebLangley
50Kim, KevinAbbotsford-
51Knight, LiamLngley
52Kolopenuk, MaxNanaimo
53Kreitz, TommyPrince George
54Lamothe, JadenLangley
55Laukkanen, JoshNanaimo-
56Lenihan, SkylarVancouver
57Letzing, HaidenSurrey
58Lott, KeeganVancouver-
59Mackenzie, MadjikVancouver-
60Maier, AdamNorth Vancouver
61Malish, AidanKelowna
62Marsh, Aaron Nanaimo
63Martin, DanielLangley-
64McGill, JonathanRichmond
65Mcgorman , AnsonParksville
66Mezzomo, GiordanoCoquitlam-
67Millas, TheoBurnaby-
68Mirecki, JoshuaLangley
69Munger, Bennanaimo-
70Nicoll, BrandonCoombs
71Opdam Bak, DariusSurrey-
72Payne, MatthewDelta
73Pegg, AngusVancouver
74Perkins, VirgilGibsons
75Petrie , LukeKamloops
76Pringle, GavinDuncan-
77Richmond-Benner, Jake Gibsons
78Saul, EliVancouver
79schneider, connorSurrey
80Seward, JackPort Moody
81Sinclair, JosephVancouver-
82Siniscalchi, LoretoBurnaby
83Smith, CorbinSurrey
84Snow, Romero Abbotsford
85Steen, Marcus Ladysmith
86Stephen, JacksonCowichan bay
87Sugi, Kenneth North Vancouver
88Takacs, NoahVictoria
89Thomas, NoahDelta-
90Thorsteinson, JustinRichmond
91Tonge, AlexKamloops
92Van Snellenberg, SamBurnaby
93Volkers, Jacobcomox
94Vulcano, Johntba-
95Wakelyn, Parkertba-
96Warkentin, BostonDelta
97Wright, AlexKamloops
98Yamamoto, HiloVancouver
99Yaremko, JackBurnaby
100Young, NickBurnaby
101Young, RussellCloverdale
102Yuen, MaxBurnaby



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